On Wednesday afternoon, several Apple online services, including its TV and music platforms, went down.
A few customers complained they couldn’t access Apple TV, Apple Music, or the App Store.
According to the company’s system status page, other applications with reported problems include the Apple Sports app, which was released earlier this year, Arcade, Audiobooks, Books, and Fitness Plus.
According to Downdetector, problems were detected just after 6 p.m. ET and peaked around 45 minutes later.
“This content isn’t loading properly. Check your internet connection if this persists, the problem warning on Apple TV stated.
By 7:30 p.m. ET, there were just a few dozen outage complaints on Downdetector, which declined throughout the evening. USA TODAY has contacted Apple for a response.

Outage Comes After Previous Meta Problems

The Apple outages coincide with the WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram problems that several Meta users encountered earlier on Wednesday. According to Downdetector, there were about 82,000 incidents with WhatsApp, most of which were fixed within an hour. There were about 3,700 incidents with Instagram, and there were about 1,800 incidents with Facebook for a few hours.

The Issue Is Resolved According To Apple

CNBC reported that Apple stated on Wednesday that it had resolved the App Store outage for its iOS and MacOS devices. Many users were perplexed, wondering if they were the only ones affected by the situation. “Why is the Apple App Store down? What’s going on?” One person wrote on X, which used to be Twitter. I was wondering if anyone else was having trouble loading the App Store or any of Apple’s apps, such as Podcasts, Apple Music, or TV+. Someone else wrote. This generates a poor iPhone app store experience.